Fiona Godsman is Chief Executive of the Scottish Institute for Enterprise www.sie.ac.uk, and is a passionate advocate of student enterprise. She is inspired by the enthusiasm of Scotland’s young entrepreneurs and appreciates being able to support them with a bit of ‘grey haired’ knowledge. She is a powerful networker and loves to put people in touch with others who can help and inspire them.

She is on the board of Enterprise Educators UK, and sits on several committees relating to employability and entrepreneurship. She is also a member of the Entrepreneurial Exchange and the Institute of Directors.

Fiona is an active participant in biotech/bioscience communities and sits on the board of BluTest Ltd.  She is a founding member and vice-chair of Nexxus, the Scottish bioscience network and served on the Bioindustry Association steering group in Scotland for eight years. She has also been involved in organising several international biotech conferences.

In her spare time, Fiona used to run Kelados, a marketing consultancy business specialising in the life sciences industry. Through Kelados, she provided strategic and practical global marketing assistance for SME life sciences companies.

Want to know more about Fiona? Check out her LinkedIn profile.

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