I’m Fiona Godsman

I’m a curious person, and right now I am really interested in education, biotechnology, entrepreneurship, innovation, agrifood, technology and the impact they have on society.

I support the changemakers, the people who want to make the future better for everyone. The right strategy is key to their success, and I ask a lot of questions to understand their motivations and aspirations before sharing my own knowledge and insights. I take a collaborative approach; I’m not going to tell anyone what to do, it’s always better to work things out together. When the details of a strategy have been worked out, I relish the task of pulling everything together, articulating a clear proposition that everyone can understand.

I’m also a pretty good networker and love to put people in touch with others who can help and inspire them.

I want to work with interesting people, on inspiring projects

If that sounds like you, get in touch for a chat over coffee, in person or on-line.

I believe that positive change can happen in small increments and in big leaps, and I know the importance of keeping an eye on the big picture. The pace of change is incredible, and the impact on all of our futures is almost impossible to imagine. But if you look around you, the future is already here and it is affecting all of us.

What else can I tell you?

I sit on the board of Glasgow Clyde College, I am a Fellowship Councillor at the RSA and a member of the ScotlandCanDo collective.

I’m very determined and rather competitive, mostly with myself. I took up running mid-lockdown and now run 3 times a week, sometimes chasing the elusive PB (personal best).

I really like taking photos, and the images on this blog are all my own work. You can see more of my pictures on Flickr.

Want to know more about me? Check me out on social media.