You are not alone

We can’t do everything on our own. We need other people to help us achieve our vision. This applies just as much to organisations as it does to individuals.
Having a strong and supportive business network helps you find the right people and organisations to complement your capabilities and makes everything faster and easier.

Want to expand your networks? Start with me!
I can help you work out who or what you need and how to find them.

Networking posts

Top tips for building a network

It can be very daunting to start to build up a business network, but it is one of the most valuable things that you can do when starting out in a new venture and throughout your career, so it is well worth the time and effort. These are some of my top tips: respect the…

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Some Practical Tips on Using LinkedIn

I started writing this as a note for a friend who was new to using LinkedIn, but was told it was useful for job hunting so wanted to give it a try. He is an enthusiastic user of Facebook and Twitter, and thought that LinkedIn was both less friendly and less secure(!) than Facebook. He…

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Social Media Etiquette (or TMI?)

When you are out in the ‘real world’, talking to someone face to face, it is relatively easy to gauge how you should behave in the situation you find yourself in  (at least it is for most of us). Its very likely that we would behave differently in different situations, such as having beer and pizza with a…

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