The future is not like in the movies

This is the second of the opinion pieces that I’ve been asked to write as part of the Scotsman newspaper 200 year celebration. It was published in the Scotsman on 3rd August, 2017, but I thought I’d reproduce it here, to keep my writing in one place. According to a recent report by the InstituteContinue reading “The future is not like in the movies”

How do you prepare for an uncertain future?

This is taken from an article I had published as an opinion piece in the Scotsman as part of their 200th anniversary celebrations. The original article was published¬†in the Scotsman on 24th May 2017, but seems to have disappeared from their on-line site. ¬†fortunately things never really disappear on the Internet, so here it isContinue reading “How do you prepare for an uncertain future?”