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Brief introduction to social media

I was asked, at short notice, to give a brief presentation on social media at a bootcamp for students who had business ideas that they wanted to develop. That was a bit of a challenge, as I could easily talk for hours on … Continue reading

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So many communications channels!

I’ve been really bad at writing blog posts in the past few months. There are two main reasons for that, and I’m sure most of my readers will identify with them. First, its a real challenge for me to think … Continue reading

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Social Media Etiquette (or TMI?)

When you are out in the ‘real world’, talking to someone face to face, it is relatively easy to gauge how you should behave in the situation you find yourself in  (at least it is for most of us). Its very likely … Continue reading

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Act positive, don’t tweet negative!

I’m a big fan of twitter, but sometimes I need a bit more space to express myself. Today is one of these days. I’m so angry with people who claim they are not going to vote today because ‘all the … Continue reading

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Why tweet? (and how to get started)

Why? Basically, it really helps you to get to know people, by having brief conversations with them, and its a great way to build up a network of new contacts locally. I’m always meeting new people in real life that … Continue reading

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A beginners’ guide to using LinkedIn

I wrote this blog a while ago (Nov 09), and posted it on an earlier blog site. It has a Life Sciences focus, but it is relevant to any industry so I thought it was worth putting it here too. … Continue reading

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Some Practical Tips on Using LinkedIn

I started writing this as a note for a friend who was new to using LinkedIn, but was told it was useful for job hunting so wanted to give it a try. He is an enthusiastic user of Facebook and … Continue reading

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