Act positive, don’t tweet negative!

I’m a big fan of twitter, but sometimes I need a bit more space to express myself. Today is one of these days.

I’m so angry with people who claim they are not going to vote today because ‘all the candidates are rubbish’ (I’m paraphrasing). Why not be honest? You are not voting because you are apathetic.

We are so lucky to live in a democracy, so please don’t take it for granted. If you really don’t like any of the mainstream candidates, pick a fringe candidate you like the look of, and vote for them. That will send a much better message to the big 4 parties than not voting at all. Then get involved and start to change things, don’t leave it up to ‘someone else’. Tell the politicians what you don’t like about them; better still, tell them what you do like, and what you want them to do for you.

Now you have started, don’t stop. If you don’t like something, get involved and change it for the better. Or start something going yourself, start a new political party, start a new business, start a new charity, start a new book group, just DO something!

Rant over, I feel much better now 🙂

About Fiona

Fiona is a passionate advocate of the Scottish entrepreneurial spirit, especially our students. She was once a scientist and is a keen supporter of the Scottish life sciences community. She is a powerful networker and loves to put people in touch with others who can help and inspire them.
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3 Responses to Act positive, don’t tweet negative!

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  2. patrick says:

    I think you should stand for election. I’d certainly vote Fiona.

  3. herahussain says:

    I completely agree. Voting is a fundamental channel we, as citizens can communicate how we think a country is being run. If you don’t vote because you think you’re vote doesn’t matter then you are passively allowing and accepting mainstream politics. The only alternative to voting is to protest and as we have seen, that doesn’t change much around here so expressing opinions legitimately will!

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